A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

New for spring…and a call-out for San Francisco local knowledge

Inspired by an upcoming blogger’s weekend in Paris (more on that very soon ), I decided to make a spring ensemble to rival the sunniest day! Early tomorrow morning we’re off to San Francisco (eek!!!) – and right now it’s 10.30pm – and I haven’t packed yet – so this will be a brief post …Click here to read More.

linen Mara dress // Behind the Hedgerow

Winter into spring linen dress

Margot needed a new dress.  As a home sewist with a little girl, this is not something that’s said very often; dresses are the most tempting item to sew and consequently Margot usually has plenty to choose from.  But, due to my lack of sewing (discussed in my last post) and the fact that my …Click here to read More.

Dear My Kids Trendy Pea Coat // Behind the Hedgerow

Baby steps back to blogging…and another flipped pea coat

Have you ever had a friend move away – a very dear and close friend who you were sure you’d always keep in touch with?  And then, as time passed, maintaining that level of contact became more difficult.  And then, the longer you left it to send that email/make that phone call/post that letter, the harder …Click here to read More.

Pea Coat Flip // Behind the Hedgerow

The Pixie Dust Pea Coat (full post)

In case you missed it on Monday, I’m bringing home my Flip This Pattern for the DMK Pea Coat.  It’s a busy time of year and I’m sure you’re all stitching your hearts out for the upcoming festivities but, if you have a spare moment I’d love it if you could support Frances Suzanne’s Flip …Click here to read More.

Pea Coat Flip // Behind the Hedgerow

The Pixie Dust Pea Coat – I flipped the Dear My Kids Pea Coat pattern!

Oh boy am I excited to share today’s post!  Months ago I got involved with Emily and Ashley’s (from Frances Suzanne blog) Flip This Pattern series and today’s I’m sharing my interpretation of the Dear My Kids Trendy Unisex Pea Coat.  You can read the full post HERE. The idea behind the series is pretty …Click here to read More.

By Hand London's Victoria Blazer // Behind the Hedgerow

By Hand London’s Victoria Blazer [Minerva Craft Blogger Network]

Make this pattern if:  you want a surprisingly easy-to-sew jacket with maximum effect. Don’t make this pattern if:  you are looking for a structured or tailored blazer; this one’s all about laid back style! The Victoria Blazer from By Hand London is a winner of a pattern.  It’s well-documented throughout the online sewing community so …Click here to read More.

Tinny Dress // Behind the Hedgerow

A wild interpretation for the Take One Dress Series

I am currently taking part in Victoria’s (As It Seams) fun and fresh sewing series Take One Dress.  The idea is that each month a sewing blogger sews a dress inspired by the previous month’s inspiration piece and then passes another inspiration piece to the next blogger.  It’s pretty addictive viewing! Last month Tasha from …Click here to read More.

Airelle-Factory Remix // Behind the Hedgerow

Airelle Blouse – Factory Dress pattern remix

  What do you get when you cross Deer and Doe’s Airelle blouse with the Factory Dress from Merchant and Mills?!  Come on over to imagine gnats to find out! I’m sharing my latest creation over there as part of Selfish Sewing Week. You can see my dress and read some advice on how to …Click here to read More.

Camber Dress by Merchant and Mills // Behind the Hedgerow

The Camber Dress by Merchant and Mills

 A new dress is always something to get excited about.  When said dress actually lives up to the expectations in your mind’s eye then the satisfaction is even greater.  This month’s Minerva Craft Blogger Network project did just that – I love the style, colour, and fabric of this dress.  It appears I have quite a thing …Click here to read More.

Woodland Stroll Cape by Liesl and Co // Behind the Hedgerow

Liesl and Co’s Woodland Stroll Cape [Minerva Craft Blogger Network]

Liesl and Co Woodland Stroll Cape Make this pattern if:  you want a high-impact, low-effort staple for autumn. Don’t make this pattern if:  you’re in denial that summer is coming to an end. For this month’s Minerva Craft Blogger Network I’ve taken the opportunity to get ready for autumn.  Yes, the sun is still shining …Click here to read More.