Twisted trousers + tank by Titchy Threads // Behind the Hedgerow

The Titchy Threads Twisted Tuesday Tour

Have you been following the Twisted Tuesdays Tour to mark the launch of the new Titchy Threads patterns? ¬†Laura, the designer behind these fabulous new patterns, has rounded up a brilliant group of bloggers (myself included ūüėČ ) to help showcase the style and versatility of the Twisted Trousers and Twisted Tank. ¬†We’re into week …Click here to read More.

Liberty skirt and mustard Twisted Tank // Behind the Hedgerow

A new summer outfit – it couldn’t be easier!

These days I am still mainly existing under a pile of fabric and patterns from our blogger’s #parissewsocial trip to Paris. ¬†This combination of fabrics immediately jumped out of the pile at me so I knew it had to be my first make. ¬†In fact, I was able to make TWO outfits from these two …Click here to read More.

#parissewsocial // Behind the Hedgerow

#parissewsocial (+ GIVEAWAY)

Just before Christmas I received an email from Annika (Naeh Connection) and Gioia (Dotta) with the subject: Invitation to a wonderful meeting of kid sewing bloggers in Paris. ¬†This email almost got buried due to pre-Christmas chaos, but it resurfaced in January and my mind started mulling over what a fabulous opportunity this would be …Click here to read More.

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

New for spring…and a call-out for San Francisco local knowledge

Inspired by an upcoming blogger’s weekend in Paris (more on that very soon ūüėČ ), I decided to make a spring ensemble to rival the sunniest day! Early tomorrow morning we’re off to San Francisco (eek!!!) – and right now it’s 10.30pm – and I haven’t packed yet – so this will be a brief …Click here to read More.

linen Mara dress // Behind the Hedgerow

Winter into spring linen dress

Margot needed a new dress. ¬†As a home sewist with a little girl, this is not something that’s said very often; dresses are the most tempting item to sew and consequently Margot usually has plenty to choose from. ¬†But, due to my lack of sewing (discussed in my last post) and the fact that my …Click here to read More.

Dear My Kids Trendy Pea Coat // Behind the Hedgerow

Baby steps back to blogging…and another flipped pea coat

Have you ever had a friend move away – a very dear and close friend who you were¬†sure you’d always keep in touch with? ¬†And then, as time passed, maintaining that level of contact became more difficult. ¬†And then, the longer you left it to send that email/make that phone call/post that letter, the harder …Click here to read More.

Pea Coat Flip // Behind the Hedgerow

The Pixie Dust Pea Coat (full post)

In case you missed it on Monday, I’m bringing home my Flip This Pattern for the DMK Pea Coat. ¬†It’s a busy time of year and I’m sure you’re all stitching your hearts out for the upcoming festivities but, if you have a spare moment I’d love it if you could support Frances Suzanne’s Flip …Click here to read More.

Pea Coat Flip // Behind the Hedgerow

The Pixie Dust Pea Coat – I flipped the Dear My Kids Pea Coat pattern!

Oh boy am I excited to share today’s post! ¬†Months ago I got involved with Emily and Ashley’s (from Frances Suzanne blog) Flip This Pattern series and today’s I’m sharing my interpretation of the Dear My Kids Trendy Unisex Pea Coat. ¬†You can read the full post HERE. The idea behind the series is pretty …Click here to read More.

By Hand London's Victoria Blazer // Behind the Hedgerow

By Hand London’s Victoria Blazer [Minerva Craft Blogger Network]

Make this pattern if: ¬†you want a surprisingly easy-to-sew jacket with maximum effect. Don’t make this pattern if: ¬†you are looking for a structured or tailored blazer; this one’s all about laid back style! The Victoria Blazer from By Hand London is a winner of a pattern. ¬†It’s well-documented throughout the online sewing community so …Click here to read More.

Tinny Dress // Behind the Hedgerow

A wild interpretation for the Take One Dress Series

I am currently taking part in Victoria’s (As It Seams) fun and fresh sewing series Take One Dress. ¬†The idea is that each month a sewing blogger sews a dress inspired by the previous month’s inspiration piece and then passes another inspiration piece to the next blogger. ¬†It’s pretty addictive viewing! Last month Tasha from …Click here to read More.