Kid-involved, no-stress gifts to sew (and mini-tutorial)

mini cushion - all six frontIf you’ve read my blog recently you’ll see that it’s all been about cushions…which is odd because I don’t even really like making cushions.  So here we are, the third and final (for now) post on cushions (I am chomping at the bit to make clothes…for my kids, for me, hell, even for dolls!).

After finishing the Mayan-inspired cushions for my oldest son’s teachers, the younger two were excited to know what I was making for their teachers.  Uhh…I was hoping the contribution to the communal gift would get me off the hook here.  But, alas, I had this little idea and knew it would sew up quickly and wouldn’t require a long attention span from the kids (over 15 minutes and I’d be wishing I could just do it myself!).

mini cushion - all six back

This project couldn’t be simpler – great for a beginner.  The kids drew the pictures and chose the backing fabric and piping.  I didn’t attempt to get them involved with the actual sewing but they still took full ownership of the work and were so proud this morning offering them up to their teachers.  In the end, like usual, I was glad I made the effort.

mini cushion - choosing fabrics

Here’s the brief mini tutorial in 9 easy steps:

  1. Mini Cushion Tute MontageUsing an embroidery hoop, have kids draw a picture.
  2. Cut out to desired size.
  3. Baste piping to the right side of the fabric.
  4. Doesn’t that piping look lovely!?
  5. Pin to desired backing fabric, right sides together.
  6. Sew along the basting line you’ve already sewn, leaving a couple of inches open for stuffing (don’t leave the opening at the point where the two ends of the piping meet – if you do, you’re making your job of hand-stitching much more difficult).
  7. Trim the backing fabric and cut (LOTS!) of notches in the seam allowance – this will help stop the edges being wavy once it’s finished (mine are still wavy – maybe someone out there knows a way of avoiding this!?)
  8. Turn cushion right side out, stuff and hand-stitch closed.
  9. Admire your sweet little creation.

As with so many things, they look even nicer in a group.

mini cushion - six in a row, front

And from the back.

mini cushion - six in row, back

And best of all, they are loved by the creator….let’s hope the teachers feel the same.

mini cushion - holding - 1

mini cushion - holding - 2

mini cushion - holding - 3

PS –  I wanted to embellish these with a bit of embroidery but lack of time and skill prevented me.  I’m sure it would have looked awesome.

PPS – I didn’t even bother with an enclosure to the cushion – I just sewed the whole thing up.  I think that’s ok.

Happy Friday everyone!  My summer officially begins once I click ‘Publish’ and go pick the kids up from their last day of school.  Life is about to take on a different pace!  Hope you are all stitching and happy.

Thanks for reading,

Laura x

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  1. Mary Irene Katsibas

    Wow did this idea ever come just in time! Perfect timing. My two grandchildren are coming for a week and I am madly collecting activities to keep them happy and busy. We will have great fun making cushions! Thanks Laura.

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