Some Belgian-inspired fun at Compagnie M.

Belgian style - detailWhat do you dress your daughter in when it’s too cool for a summer dress yet too warm for tights and jumpers?

For the answer, head on over to Compagnie M. to read all about it in my first ever guest post.  I hope you’re inspired to make something bright, fun and funky!  Why be subdued when you can be colourful!?

Happy Friday – keep smiling – and, most importantly – keep sewing!

Laura x

9 thoughts on “Some Belgian-inspired fun at Compagnie M.

  1. helen

    Those leggings are fab! I’ve seen similar fabrics at Kitschy coo and I have all types of plans for my little ones wardrobes! Well, once I’ve got over the hurdle of learning to sew with knits.

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