Mr Green Jeans – KCW Fall 2013

Banyan trousers photo collage

If you are reading this and are interested in sewing for children then I’m sure you’re already aware that we’re in the throes of Kids Clothes Week Fall 2013…day two to be precise.  I’m working away on many projects and trying to squeeze them all into this one little week.  I find that the sewing is manageable – it’s the photographing, editing and writing that sucks away all the time.

green banyan trousers - title image

So, in the interest of high sewing productivity, this post will be short and sweet.

green banyan trousers - back view

green banyan trousers - side view

These jeans are made from Figgy’s Banyan Pants pattern.  I’ve made the shorts version once before – you can read the full pattern review here (and I’d forgotten until now just how detailed it is!).  Just for a point of comparison and to give you an idea of the different direction this pattern can go in, here is a pic of the shorts version.

banyan shorts - t-shirt and shoesThe construction of the trousers was identical to the shorts so there’s not much to add to the pattern review.  Here are the particulars of this version.

green banyan trousers - hanging

  • Size.  My son is almost 9 and very, very skinny…like green bean skinny…I guess these trousers are rather appropriate!  I made a size 6/7 for the trousers but extended it to the length of size 8/9.  This worked well for trousers (so glad I didn’t go any bigger) but they’re still a teeny tiny bit too short.  He can wear them for now but I’m going to have a think about how to lengthen them – with the cuff at the bottom it’s not as simple as just letting down the hem.

green banyan trousers - cuff detail

  • The fabric is a green denim that I bought from Jo-Ann’s while I was in the States this past summer.  This was my first time sewing jeans.  I used a jeans sewing needle (that sucker is thick!) and, for the most part, it was no more difficult than quilting-weight cotton.

green banyan trousers - stylin'

  • Since discovering flocking (read all about it here), I want to add it to everything.  George liked the idea of a lightning bolt so we worked out that part together and added it to the back pocket.  It’s very hard not to get carried away with it!

green banyan trousers - back pocket detail

  • And finally, I added petrol blue piping to the slanted pocket seam.  I think it’s subtle enough for a 8-year-old boy to get away with and still satisfies my craving for adding details.

green banyan trousers - piping pocket detail

I’m happy to tick this off my sewing list (it’s been on there since buying the fabric in July).  George is happy with his new pair of trousers and, if we’re lucky, he can wear them a full week before he grows another three inches and they sit in my ‘repairs and alterations’ box patiently waiting for some length to be added!

green banyan trousers - sitting

Onwards and upwards!  Next up – Oliver +s Book Report Dress and Go To Patterns Leggings.

Hope you’re all enjoying this week of frantic kid sewing – all the photos in the KCW Flickr pool and on the KCW blog and beyond inspiring – I literally have to drag myself away from the computer and into my sewing room!

Thanks for reading,

Laura x

30 thoughts on “Mr Green Jeans – KCW Fall 2013

    1. laurabehindthehedgerow

      Thanks, Shelly. Coming from the pattern designer I take this as a HUGE compliment! Oh, and George is very happy with the ‘rad’ description – much better than sweet, cute or lovely as far as he’s concerned! PS- do you have any more patterns in the pipeline?!! I would jump at the chance to pattern test!! x

  1. suzy

    These are so cool! I especially like the piping and lightening bolt. You’ve inspired me to give flocking a try, I’ll have to track down some of the stuff here in Sydney.

  2. discodots

    I have an almost nine year old boy who is super skinny too! I always struggle to find trousers to fit him, why have I never thought of sewing some for him (erm cos I’m a selfish sewist!)??? Love the lightning bolt detail. Must try and find some of that flocking stuff, looks fun.

  3. Cate

    These are super cool! I love a good pair of banyans and can’t wait for Shelly’s next lot of patterns. I had to lengthen a pair once, I just took off the cuff and added an extension piece then put the cuff back on to cover the new seams, it seemed to work well.

  4. helen

    These are great. The colour is fab.The little details like the piping and lightening bolt really make these.
    My plans for KCW have stalled as waiting for fabric to arrive in the post!

  5. Peep

    Those look amazing! I not only have this pattern, but a super skinny eight year old as well! Can you please tell me what size your son’s waist is? I think I will make up a few of these for my boy. I initially bought the pattern for my daughter, but obviously I’ve changed my mind 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

    1. laurabehindthehedgerow

      Thanks! His waist is something like 21.5 inches. I had made the size 4/5 shorts for my daughter first so had him (reluctantly!) try those on. They were a tiny bit snug so went for the 6/7 in waist but 8/9 in length (should have made them even longer). x

      1. Peep

        Thank you for replying. I am sorry this is late, I thought I replied already but I don’t know what happened. My son’s waist is 21 inches, so they are very close in size. I’ll have to make sure my length is much longer (thanks for that tip!).

        Thanks again 🙂

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