A new series: The 12 Days of Christmas

Hello there friends!  How’s your sewing going this week?  Any remarkable successes or failures creative mistakes?
I’m in the middle of making my first ever quilt and it’s going ok at best.  I’m documenting much of it on Instagram so if you hang out there then come and follow the fun!  After finishing my Vogue jacket I thought this quilting malarkey would be a breeze – just lots of straight lines, right?  Well, it seems that quilting has it’s own set of challenges that I’m quickly trying to comes to terms with.  Much more on that later…  (but any and all advice for reducing puckering is appreciated!  So far I’m using a walking foot, stitching at a length of 3.5, have reduced tension of feed dogs, and am sewing the quilting lines in opposite directions – all things the interweb have told me would help but it’s still far from perfect).
For now, I just wanted to pop in to let you know about a great series that I’ve been invited to participate in for the Christmas season.  Suz (Sewpony) and Laura (Craftstorming) have created a series that celebrates the clothes we make for our kids for the holidays.  You can read all about it here.

In short, each of these 24 bloggers will make and share something that their son(s)/daughter(s) will wear for the holiday season.  There are some great bloggers participating (just click on any of the blogs above to go straight to their site) and it should be full of inspiration.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

I’m still tossing ideas around in my head but my project may (or may not 🙂 ) include any of the following:

  • jersey
  • polka dots
  • animals
  • flannel
  • flocking
  • plaid

I’m really loving Instagram these days so will probably post a few teasers of works in progress once I get going.  You can follow the fun on Instagram by searching for #the12dayssewingseries.

That’s it for today – off to quilt some more lines…

Happy sewing and happy weekend to all!

Thanks for reading,

Laura x

Oh, and keep that quilting advice coming – I plan on making three of these babies by Christmas so hopefully by the third I’ll have a bit of a clue as to what I’m doing! x

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8 thoughts on “A new series: The 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Emmely

    I think there are many variables that can cause puckering. I usually spend ages basting a quilt to make it sure it is really flat, flat, flat and rather use too many pins than too few. The type of batting that you use has effect on how the quilting comes out. I find that with my machine some threads work wonderful and others I just can’t get to look pretty whatever I try. The needle size and needle brand can also make a difference. I will usually make a sample before jumping onto the quilt. Use exactly the same backing, batting and top fabric for your sample. I will try out different stitch lenghts, thread tensions, pressure feet settings and sometimes needles. And when I’m happy with how the stitches look I write all the variables down in my sewing journal. If in a future project I decide to use the same fabric, batting and quilting thread I only have to look up what needle and machine settings I used before, do a small sample to see if it still works and am usually ready to go. Good luck!

      1. Emmely

        Yes, there are special needles! I usually use Schmetz embroidery needles size 75/11 or 90/14, depends a bit on the thickness of the thread. These seem to work best with my machine. Schmetz also has quilting needles. I think just changing to another needle might already help you achieve better results!
        This website gives information about all kinds of different machine needles: http://quiltbug.com/articles/choosing-needle.htm (it is from a shop and I’ve never bought from them, so I’m not recommending them, I just thought the information they have might be useful for you)

  2. helen

    The 12 days of Christmas looks great. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Christmas is fast approaching and the children’s clothes I want to get finished are a denim skirt and pair of Zonen 09 trousers (inspired by yours!) which I plan to line with flannel or jersey at it beginning to get cold here!

  3. Ashley @twynmawrmom

    Ohhhhhhh have you not discovered spray basting yet? A bit pricey (like $12-16 a can), smelly, perhaps chemical-laden…it is basically spray glue and you tape out your backing on a safe floor (tile for me, which does get some spray on it that I have to clean off)…lay on the batting, spray it, then lay out the top and smooth smooth smooth down before any sewing is done! I usually spray baste and pin a bit. And this is why I mostly do crib size quilts! The bigger the quilt the more precise/smoothing you need….only spray the batting, not the backing fabric or the quilt top if you can help it. Ok if you are quilting maybe I’ll start instagram-ing…;)

  4. Chris

    Ohh, I soo feel your pain re the puckering!! I have always had problems with puckering – until very recently I started using cotton wadding and all my problems have disappeared. It seems to adhere to the fabrics (I don’t use iron on, just the normal stuff), and all my puckering nightmares are gone. Might be something to bear in mind for the next quilt at least to experiment with the wadding.

  5. Suz

    thanks for sharing our series.
    I am sooooo bad with quilts. I have put Juliette’s quilt on the back burner since about may/june….ooops…. I figure I have til next Winter in Oz to get it done now!! Make sure you join our facebook 12 days of Christmas group. I sent you an email:))


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