Top 20 (!!) for Tuesday – Kid’s Clothes: Refashion, Recycle, DIY

Top 10 kids clothes refashion

Today is April the 1st and I just can’t figure out where this year has gone – is anyone else suffering from the feeling that time is flying by faster than ever before?  Well, whatever the pace, this month is going to be a great one!

Today’s Top 10 (erm, I mean Top 20) list is all about refashioning, recycling and DIY.  Kid’s Clothes Week gets underway next Monday 7th April and, at least for me, it’s going to be all about making lots of quick summer clothes for the kids – especially the boys.

This list is a great starting point if you too would like to get creative with some of the old clothes, blankets and towels around your house!

There are so many inspiring refashion tutorials out there that I couldn’t narrow it down to 10 – so, lucky you!, you get 20 today.  I hope you feel motivated and ready to sew!

Kid's clothes resfashion1. Sweater into pants by The Daily B.  2. Long sleeve tee into sleeveless tee with bows by Make It & Love It.  3.  Undies (can be made with scraps of knit fabric) by Fake It While You Make It.  4.  Colour block sweater or t-shirt by Lexi Made.

Kid's clothes resfashion

Clockwise from top left: 1.  Re-sizing a polo by Shwin & Shwin.  2.  Men’s button-down shirt to polka dot dress by Me Sew Crazy.  3.  T-shirt into craft apron by Charming Doodle.  4.  Fabric scraps into shoelaces by Maureen Cracknell Handmade.  5.  Beach towel back pack by Me Sew Crazy.

Kid's clothes resfashion

 1.  Upcycled hat and scarf by Petit a Petit and Family for The Sewing Rabbit.  2.  Two towels into a kid’s bath robe by Things for Boys.  3.  Tie-back t-shirt dress by It’s Always Autumn.

Kid's clothes resfashion

1.  Tights into leggings by Make It & Love It.  2.  Man’s shirt into toddler shorts by Maika Made for Imagine Gnats.  3.  Old t-shirts into bibs by A Little Tipsy.

Kid's clothes resfashion

1.  Knit dress with lace by The Mother Huddle.  2. Women’s cardigan into girl’s dress by Caila Made.  3.  Man’s cargo pants into toddler dress by Bludor.

Kid's clothes refashion

1.  Man’s shirt into superhero cape by Behind the Hedgerow.  2.  Bed sheet into dip dyed toddler dress by Craftiments.

Another exciting event for April is Fashion Revolution Day on 24th April.  If you haven’t already signed up then you can do so right here!  You don’t have to have a blog to get involved.  By taking the pledge you’ll be showing your support for textile workers across the globe on the one year anniversary on the Rana Plaza collapse.  Plus, it’ll be fun creating a virtual flash mob of home sewists wearing something handmade inside out.  You can find out all the details here or simply click on the image below to sign up – over 100 people have signed up so far!

If you do have a blog then feel free to grab a button with the HTML code on the sidebar to show your support.
Thanks for reading and have fun giving all those old garments new life!
Laura x

9 thoughts on “Top 20 (!!) for Tuesday – Kid’s Clothes: Refashion, Recycle, DIY

  1. cucicucicoo

    What a fantastic collection! I just love refashioning, even more so for kids. You can get so much more out of an old garment when redoing it for a smaller child. So many ideas! 🙂 Lisa

  2. Renee //nearestthepin

    These are great Laura – this sewing Fashion Revolution campaign has inspired my plans for this coming Kids Clothes Week – all my makes are going to be up cycles or using stash fabrics. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. helen

    Tights into leggings! Genius! My daughter grow so quick the crotch of most of her tights are half way down to her knees.
    KCW seems to have come around really quickly. I’m around for the first two days then off on a work trip. The plan is to fit in a girl skater with short sleeves. Fabric is being pre-washed today.

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