The Willow and Co Glamping Tour and GIVEAWAY

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

I am so down with the Willow and Co Glamping Tour!  This whole collection speaks to my soul!  Dramatic much?!  Well, maybe a tad, but my absolute perfect outfit is Wellington boots, tights, a handmade skirt or dress and a chunky cardigan (preferably hand-knitted but I don’t knit).  For me, this just about sums up the concept of glamping – outdoorsy, rustic, and playful; yet beautiful and sophisticated.

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

So, whether you’re talking about the physical act of glamping (glamorous + camping) or about the Willow and Co Glamping Collection of sewing patterns the adjectives apply equally.

All the patterns in the collection seamlessly combine the qualities of function and beauty.

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

When Rebecca (writer of Rock the Stitch blog and designer of the phenomenal Fawn Lily Dress) asked me to join the tour I don’t think I’ve ever said yes so quickly!  It turns out that ‘yes’ was the easy part – the difficulty came in deciding what to sew!

One thing was for sure – my two boys need clothes and they need them NOW! – so I blinkered by vision to only focus on boy items (but I tell you, the Ash Jumpsuit, Aster Cardigan, Clover Shorts, Fawn Lily Dress, and Persimmon Dress were almost impossible to ignore!).

I finally settled on the


Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

For the Hawthorn Sweatshirt I made a size 4 (for my 4.5 year old son) with the full zip.  I followed Laura’s impeccable instructions to a T!  This is one of those patterns that you can sit back and relax while making, knowing you are in safe hands.  I have only sewn a zip into jersey one other time and, although not a complete disaster, it did get stretched out so one side was considerably longer than the other and some creative trimming had to be done (the end result is here).

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

A few additions I made:

  • I added wool tartan kangaroo pockets.  My kids are pocket crazy – especially this one!  In fact, you can’t really see it here, but there are actually FOUR pockets!  I had sewn on the seam pockets before deciding to do the kangaroo ones.

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

  • I added elbow patches.  I must say, I was a little afraid of having just a plain grey top to show so I thought these patches would add some interest as well as being practical (and oh-so appropriate of our summer trip to Scotland!).

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

  • For the cuffs and hemming I used a fancy stitch on my machine called something like a feather stitch.  It has the effect of looking a bit like a cover-stitch and also meant I didn’t have to stop and install the twin needle.  This is my new favourite stitch!

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

For the Kudzu Shorts I made a size 5 with a straight leg and I omitted the diagonal seam and cargo pocket. These shorts are hugely versatile, will work equally for boys and girls, and use stretch denim – a fun fabric to sew with!  (I stocked up on about 6 meters of it from Minerva Crafts so you’ll be seeing more of these shorts/trousers in the weeks to come!).

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

Take care when choosing the size for these shorts.  From my son’s measurements it wasn’t clear which size was best so I made a size 4 muslin which was super skin-tight (quite funny and maybe appropriate for Eurovision but not for climbing trees and digging in the dirt!).  For this pair I increased the size to 5 and made the straight (as opposed to skinny) version.  Next time I think I’ll even go up to a size 6.

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

I particularly like the waistband on these shorts.  It’s partially ribbed and partially woven which is something I’ve never done before.  They are quick and easy to get on and off yet still look relatively smart.

Hawthorn Top and Kudzu Shorts // Behind the Hedgerow

Both of these patterns are the perfect summer staples that I know will be worn time and again.

Whether your summer plans take you glamping, camping, surfing or gliding;

hiking, biking, swimming or riding;

The Glamping Collection will give you the power;

to keep your kids looking stylish until summer’s last hour.

Would you like the chance to win one of these patterns AND the fabric to sew it with?!  Just enter below for your chance to win just that – 2 yards of fabric (the same fabric used in the Willow and Co Lookbook) and the pattern of your choice.  Good luck!

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If you want to see more of the Willow and Co patterns sewn up then check out all the blogs on the tour.

Willow & Co Glamping Tour

Thanks for reading, happy summer sewing and good luck with the giveaway!

Laura x

37 thoughts on “The Willow and Co Glamping Tour and GIVEAWAY

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  2. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad

    Laura, you have no idea how much I love this!! Those striped Kudzu cargos!!!!! I have just bought some similar fabric myself….love love love! The Hawthorn is beautifully made and the details you have added is just the perfect touch.
    And how perfect are those red rain boots!

  3. Annika

    I love the cargos. The yellow pop of color is super cool. And thanks for pic of the feather stitch. Just checked and found that my machine has one too. Going to use it with my next knit project. Btw.: Have you found out if you can sew buttons with your machine?

  4. spike

    These patterns are all perfect. But my favourite has to the mulberry tunic – perfect for the boys and girls in my life.

  5. Meg

    So cute- love the plaid pockets and elbow patches! I just made the Ash jumpsuit for my niece and it was lovely to sew up!

  6. elephantinthestudy

    I can’t make up my mind between the ash jumpsuit and the fawn lily dress. I adore both, but if I had to choose only one, I would go with ash jumpsuit I think. I have never made anything like it before and would love to try it. Thanks for the chance. Really keeping my fingers crossed for this one 🙂

  7. Margaret R

    I love the jacket and pants. But my favorite pattern has to be the ash jumpsuit. It would look so cute on my granddaughter.

  8. elisaclark

    I am in love with those elbow patches! So great! And your shorts, of course, are amazing! You did a fantastic job!

  9. Rebecca

    Amazing job Laura! I love everything! EVERYTHING! And, yes, I will be sewing with the clever feather stitch now. LOL.
    The little poem at the end made me giggle. That could be our new jingle!

  10. Ybat

    I love the entire outfit. He looks wonderful. I would love to make some of those shorts for my nephew.

  11. Faryaal Ahmed

    Hi Laura,
    Very nice patterns. I love the Sweatshirt you made. The top stitching is so neat. Good work. My son needs clothes too.. NOW. The shorts will be great for summer. Oh the rain coat poncho looks great too. The ears are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Laura

    Laura! I love this outfit and I’m sure my boys would too. Your Hawthorn looks fantastic – I love the plaid pockets and elbow patches, double pocket bonus! The feather stitch looks lovely too. I might have to stock up on some of that stretch denim too. I’m so happy you like the collection so much.

  13. Elizabeth

    I love these both! I made need to buy this sweatshirt pattern and get some more zipper practice. And the shorts are by far my favorite version of this pattern. I like how you simplified them a bit from the original pattern and the fabric is fantastic. I have some stretch denim just waiting to be sewn!

  14. Celina

    Oh Laura! What a lovely outfit. I love it all. The details are awesome and the striped fabric is great. Thank you soooo much for glamping with us again 😉

  15. Birgit

    aaaw, I want to sew that sweatshirt right now! And add a kangaroo pocket *and* side seams pockets! This is just brilliant.

  16. Dina

    I love the shorts you made. The stripes are awesome and the waistband is superb. What a great design.


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