New for spring…and a call-out for San Francisco local knowledge

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the HedgerowInspired by an upcoming blogger’s weekend in Paris (more on that very soon 😉 ), I decided to make a spring ensemble to rival the sunniest day!

Early tomorrow morning we’re off to San Francisco (eek!!!) – and right now it’s 10.30pm – and I haven’t packed yet – so this will be a brief post filled with brightly coloured pictures and me looking a bit awkward in front of the camera (out of practice!!).

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

The Skirt…

…is the A+ skirt by Make it Perfect patterns.  It’s a classic a-line shape with a top yoke and different versions to include pockets, button placket, or ribbon detail.  Overall the pattern is well-drafted and clearly explained.  Just a few things to note:

  • The top yoke is unlined.  I thought this wouldn’t have enough structure so I added a facing using the same pattern piece as for the yoke itself.  I also used some fusible interfacing on the facing piece.  A quick fix for a more structured waist.
  • I lined the skirt.  I attached it to the seam line of the yoke/skirt (wrong sides together) and this worked well.
  • My measurements were in between a small and medium and I made the medium.  Now that I try it on I think it’s a bit too big.  With a skirt like this you want it to be pretty snug so it stays in place.
  • I love the pockets on the skirt but I find them a little too low.
  • I do love an a-line shape in skirts but, for me, this one is a bit too flared.  I’m being really picky because it’s only marginally wider than I would like.
  • The zip insertion and instructions are great.  I almost always do an invisible zip but I think I now might be a convert to the lapped zip!

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

To make this my perfect a-line skirt, next time I would use the facing and lining as described above, make the yoke piece slightly narrower which would bring the pockets up a bit higher, size down to small, and make the a-line shape a little less pronounced.

The cardigan…

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

…is the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations.  This is the second time I’ve sewn this pattern.  This is the first version I made.

julia-cardi-title-image-21This is one of my most-warn cardigans (and that’s saying a lot considering it doesn’t even have pockets!!).  You can read a full pattern review here.

With such a love for this pattern, I didn’t change much in this version.  In fact, the only thing I changed was the sleeve length (long sleeves to 3/4 length sleeves).  The fabric itself is much thinner so it drapes a bit differently but I think I’ll love this one just as much.

Overall, I love my new cheery spring outfit.  I can see many sunny days sipping cocktails in the sun…

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

And now onto our holiday…

Yup, we’re off to San Francisco.  I’m American, I live in England, and everyone I meet here assumes I know San Francisco like the back of my hand.  The truth is I’ve never been to California at all!  We’re visiting some dear friends but that’s not to say I won’t have plenty of time for fabric and haberdashery shopping!  So, do any of you out there have any not-to-be-missed suggestions (fabric or otherwise)?!  Where to get the best Japanese food?  Is Alcatraz worth doing?  Any good day trip ideas with kids?  If you want to follow any of our shenanigans and discoveries make sure to follow on Instagram.

A+ skirt with Julia cardigan // Behind the Hedgerow

Thanks to you all for reading and here’s hoping that spring and sunshine will be filling your days!

Laura x


24 thoughts on “New for spring…and a call-out for San Francisco local knowledge

  1. Inder

    I love this cardigan! I live in the Bay Area, and I would say (1) Britex Fabrics is easy to get to, centrally located, and don’t miss it – they’re closed Sunday and Monday, fyi. Other fabric stores in the Bay are nice too but that’s the fanciest one, the West coast equivalent of Mood. (2) Alcatraz is interesting and spooky, I think you could miss it but I must say taking the ferry out there is a great way to appreciate a sunny day on the Bay. (3) What about going to see some redwoods with the kids? Muir Woods? Golden Gate Bridge. The ocean. I’m all about cheap daytrips. Golden Gate Park has many wonderful features as well, and I thought Exploratorium was just HEAVEN when I was growing up, the funnest museum EVAH, and I hear it’s even better now! Have a great trip!

    1. Inder

      P.S. I don’t know about Japanese, but Henry Hunan has wonderful Chinese food, very affordable, used to eat there as much as I possibly could when I worked in SF. There really is no Chinese food like you can get in Chinatown.

  2. Bridget

    Alcatraz can be fun. My 7 year old loved it last year when we went with some out of town visitors (we live in the South Bay aka silicon valley) I have yet to make it here but hear that Britex is awesome
    If you make it south to Santa Cruz there’s another cool fabric store called Hart’s Fabric that I always hit when we are ‘over the hill’
    Walking or driving over the Golden Gate is always nice and it gives you a new view of SF. Plus while you are over in Marin you can visit Muir Woods and have a little walk around in the redwoods. Have a great visit. San Francisco is a great city!

  3. MadeByMeg

    How exciting! If you’re downtown doing touristy stuff then the famous Britex Fabrics is worth popping into – gorgeous fabrics but quite expensive. I’m sure some other San Franciscans can give you more fabric store suggestions, as I live across the bay. Alcatraz is actually quite fun – I did it for the first time in years a couple of months ago. But if you do want to go, try to book NOW as the trips fill up well in advance (like, often weeks in advance). Or just go eat ice cream at Dolores Park or see the buffalo in golden Gate Park or check out the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach. Have fun and don’t forget to pack lots of layers – it was 70 degrees last week and in the 50s today.

  4. Masha

    I don’t have any tips about SF (I’ve only been once though I remember enjoying Alcatraz). But I love your cardigan. What is the fabric? Enjoy your trip!

    1. laurabehindthehedgerow Post author

      Thanks! The Fabric was on sale at my local sewing shop. It was the end of the bolt.

  5. Sewing Princess

    Oh San francisco! I’d love to go back! For sewing-related info you could ask Jean kaori designs or Beth from sunnygal studio. I visited Alcatraz and enjoyed it a lot. I was in my twenties. I believe it could be nice for kids to see as you actually visit a prison. I also enjoyed taking the cable car 😉 have fun!

  6. naehconnection

    Uh, yes! SF! I LOVE SF. I’ve been there several times for a geophysics conference and enjoyed it so much. I’ve never been with kids though. However, there are some things that are a must with kids. Obviously the cable car trip, Lombard street, a soup in the bread bowl at a bakery at Fishermen’s Wharf, etc. Btw.: Some years ago a friend of mine travelled to SF and I wanted to surprise her with a little something. She sews, too, and so I asked Mie from You and Mie for some fabric shopping tips. Well, here they are:
    Fabric stores in San Francisco:
    – Britex (nicest one in San Francisco, very pricey, but good selection of nice fabrics)
    – Peapod Fabrics (very small quilting shop with lots of great cottons)
    – Mendel’s Far Out Fabrics (located in the Haight-Ashbury area – lots of oil cloth and other fun and funky fabrics)

    Do you think she’d be interested in warehouse or surplus fabric stores? They are cheap, but not necessarily “pretty” fabric stores. They just have rolls and rolls of fabric, it’s a bit hit or miss in terms of finding something awesome.
    – Discount Fabrics (11th Street location – big warehouse)
    – Fabrix (Clement St – small surplus store)

    If she’s going to be in the East Bay at all:
    – Stonemountain & Daughter (Berkeley)
    – A Verb for Keeping Warm (Oakland – fabric and yarn)
    – New Pieces (Berkeley – quilting cottons)

    Have fun! I’m sure you’ll love SF. Can’t wait to hear about your trip once we meet in Paris! See you soon!

  7. naehconnection

    Uh and I just realised that she also gave me tips for SF with kids:
    – Fisherman’s Whaf/Pier 39
    – Academy of Sciences (museum)
    – Koret Children’s Quarter, Golden Gate Park (playground)
    – San Francisco Zoo
    – Dolores Park Playground
    – Discovery Museum (in Sausalito)
    – Golden Gate Bridge
    – Crissy Field (just a field, but nice for picnics, kite flying, bike riding if they want to rent bikes somewhere)

    Cheers Annika

  8. Christy

    You’ve now convinced me to buy that cardigan pattern. Both of yours look amazing. I’m in Australia, by have been to San Francisco and really enjoyed Alcatraz. My husband especially loved it, but he is a bit of a history nerd at times. Have fun.

  9. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad

    Have an amazing trip to SF!! I was there 5 days for like 8 years ago and LOVED it – but I don’t have any secret recommendations for you. We did classic touristy things like Alcatraz, sea lions on Pier…is it/was it 19?, China town etc etc Mostly just a lot of wandering around and enjoying it all.
    I love your outfit!! Please tell me I can still get the fabric from the skirt! I couldn’t see any info about it in your post?

  10. joy candrian

    Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, go see Fort Point (under the bridge), go down Lombard Street (the crooked, curvy street & ride a cable car of course. My children use to love exploring the tide pools during low tide at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve which is south of San Francisco, on the coast.

  11. ashley

    Fabric wise…check out Britex. It’s a fabric paradise! Another great fabric store that is far essential expensive is Fabrix. As for sights in SF…There is so much to see. Definitely check out Treasure Island and the Presidio.

  12. Rebecca

    Great spring outfit! The colors are so happy! I really love the cardigan- I’ll have to check out that pattern. Have fun in San Francisco 🙂

    1. laurabehindthehedgerow Post author

      The cardi pattern is the Julia Cardigan from mouse house creations and the fabric was from the end of a bolt in my local sewing shop.

  13. Leah

    Alcatraz is a disappointing and expensive outing. Also Pier 39 is lame. I’d suggest hiking down to Fort Funston for the most breathtaking walk on the beach or Lands End, which is a little more difficult to climb down to, but has exquisite tidepools full of purple and orange starfish. Both are gorgeous (and free!). My favorite ramen in the city is from Tanpopo. I always suggest visitors take a mini foodie tour of the Mission and hit up Tartine for divine pastries (try the lemon tart or the gougere), Dandelion Chocolate (for the best European drinking chocolate ever), and Bi-Rite for a taste of their salted caramel ice cream. I also like popping into Paxton Gate, which is right down the street from Dandelion and then, of course, hanging out in Dolores Park. For kids, (or, you know, just adults) I love Cal Academy of Science in GG Park. My favorite dinner spots are State Bird Provisions, although it can be hard to get a table, and Mission Chinese. You should definitely spend some time in the East Bay and my suggestion is to take the Ferry to Jack London square (thereby getting those panoramic views of the Bay without the Alcatraz tour) and checking out Lake Merritt and some of the great downtown restaurants (best Japanese IMO is Geta sushi or Ramen House in Oakland). Also OMCA is Oakland is not to be missed. The taco trucks on International in Fruitvale are worth the drive. And I love love love Beauty’s Bagels. There are a thousand more food/hiking suggestions if you’re interested!

    Have fun!

  14. Samantha Nagtegaal

    Wow! What an absolutely stunning ensemble! The cardigan fabric is really eye-catching, and I love it with the simplicity of the polka dot skirt fabric, but that you still went for a pattern for the skirt, not a plain. I know nothing about SF by the way, but have a great time 🙂
    x Sam


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