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Fashion Revolution Day: #handmadeinsideout #insideout

Fashion Revolution - #insideout #handmadeinsideoutToday is the day!  Happy Fashion Revolution Day everyone!  Are you wearing something inside out?  Have you shared it yet?  There are so many amazing images popping up already.  Remember to add the hashtags #insideout and #handmadeinsideout to your photos on Twitter and Instagram so we won’t miss them!

A year ago today the lives of thousands ended or were changed forever when the textile factory Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh.  These workers were making clothes – clothes for high street retailers that most of us have in our wardrobes.  That’s a disturbing feeling and one that I’ve struggled with ever since so it’s no surprise that I wanted to get involved with Fashion Revolution Day by wearing my clothes inside out.

In addition to taking some snaps in front of my ever-present white, crumbling wall, today I have decided to wear my clothes inside out all day (and yesterday evening for that matter!) while going about my daily routine.  I wanted people to stop me, ask what the heck I was up to, and perhaps even challenge me.  I wanted to start conversations and get people interested.

These are some candid *very* shots of my day.

Fashion Revolution - #insideout #handmadeinsideout

You can see this dress the right-way-round here.


Fashion Revolution - #insideout #handmadeinsideout

Fashion Revolution - #insideout #handmadeinsideout

Fashion Revolution - #insideout #handmadeinsideout

Now that the day is coming to an end one question looms – Where do we go from here?  Fashion Revolution is an amazing initiative but it needs to be taken to heart day in, day out, every day by a large proportion of people for changes to be made.

I can’t answer that question on a global scale but I can address it on a personal level.

Going forward, all my clothing decisions – whether they be ready-to-wear, handmade or somewhere in between, will be guided by one principle –


This is not a new concept.  As it turns out, Slow Fashion, like the Slow Food Movement, is indeed ‘a thing’.  Kate Fletcher, researcher, author, consultant and design activist, is the leader in this field with her initiatives such as the Local Wisdom Project.  She has also inspired the creation of businesses such as Slow Fashion Forward which offer creative consultancy for sustainable fashion and textiles.

I don’t like fixed boundaries and rules like saying, “I will never buy from {insert evil company} ever again.” or “I will make all my own clothes until the end of time.”  Instead, I like guiding principles which will encourage a paradigm shift in the way I make, buy and consume.  So, broadly speaking, this is what Slow Fashion means to me:

  • Mindful consumerism – don’t purchase on whims and consider the life of a garment.
  • Being resourceful – try to break the direct link between needing something and simply buying it.  Are there any other ways around it?  Can something be upcycled or adapted?
  • Investing in quality (and beauty!) not just quantity.
  • Consider making/sewing whenever possible.
  • Not loosing sight of the bigger picture (which includes every step along the fashion supply chain).
  • Asking questions of brands and retailers about their garment production – even if they don’t know the answers, if there’s a ground swell of interest they’re sure to respond.

And what about you?  Has Fashion Revolution made you consider your clothing more carefully?  Is Slow Fashion something you’d like to achieve?  Or perhaps you already do? These thoughts are still being developed but, for me, this is a starting point I’m happy with.  Please join in the conversation – I’d love to hear what matters to you.

So, as Fashion Revolution Day draws to an end, here’s hoping that the ideas behind it and the awareness it has raised will continue to influence the fashion industry long after 24 April 2014.

Finally, there have been some great #handmadeinsideout outfits out there today!  Check them out here, here, here, here, here, herehere and here.  (And feel free to leave a link to your post/IG/Twitter in the comments!).

Thanks for reading,

Laura x



Fashion Revolution Day – Are you ready!?


fash rev one day to go

Tomorrow, 24 April 2014, is a big day!  Not only does it mark the one year anniversary of the collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh but it’s also the day that designers, retailers, factory workers, cotton farmers, academics and individuals will stand together for the first Fashion Revolution Day to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH by wearing something inside out and asking brands and retailers, ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’

If you’re already aware of this campaign then I’ll be brief and just give you a quick reminder of what to do for tomorrow.  If you’re reading this for the first time scroll down for more information and read the introduction post here.

24 April 2014 – What to do:

Photograph yourself wearing something handmade inside out.

Share with #insideout and #handmadeinsideout on:

  • your blog (no problem if you don’t have one)
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Click on the image below to sign up (if you’re not one of the 145 that already have)


Abby, Celina and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with and we hope that this


will raise awareness and ultimately encourage people, brands and retailers to be more considered about garment production and purchasing.

For more details:

Until tomorrow,

Laura x


Looking forward and a GIVEAWAY


Cappuccino Pattern Giveaway  Behind the Hedgerow

Happy Monday!  Well, we’ve all survived another Kid’s Clothes Week.  How much do you have to show for the last week of sewing?  For me it’s only one Celestial tee, one Hanami Dress and a handful of upcycled tees that I haven’t bothered to blog about.  Not my most productive KCW but hey-ho, onwards and upwards….

Now that our children are all accounted for in the clothing department (or at least that’s the idea!) we can happily turn our attention to selfish sewing.  There are two events coming up in the next month that I can’t wait to get involved in…and I hope you will too.

The first is Selfish Sewing Week and runs from 28 April – 3 May.  It is organised and run by Rachael of Imagine Gnats and this year, for the first time, will be hosted on Kollabora (as opposed to on Flickr).

Do you know Kollabora?  It’s a great place to share your makes and gather inspiration from others and aims to “unite makers, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels to get inspired, share projects, buy and sell PDF patterns, and connect with each other and their favorite brands.”  If you have a moment why don’t you get familiar with it before SSW gets underway?  You can see all my makes here and you can follow along with all the Selfish Sewing Week projects here.

If you’re familiar with adding your projects to Kollabora the only thing extra you need to do is add Selfish Sewing Week to the Inspired by box.  It will look something like this:

How to add your sewing projects to the Selfish Sewing Week group on Kollabora

I’ll be posting over at imagine gnats that week as one of the featured stitchers.  I’m going to be sewing and reviewing the Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations.  I love the look of this pattern and I can’t wait to get started on it!

You can also get lots of inspiration from the Selfish Sewing Week Pinterest board.

Once all that selfish sewing is complete, you’ll want to start wearing it, right?  Well, why not get involved with Me-Made-May 2014??  It’s hosted by So, Zo…What do you Know? and is a one-month long personal challenge of wearing your handmade duds.  You don’t need to have a blog, you don’t even need to sew anything in particular – you simply take the pledge and set yourself a personal challenge of wearing your handmade clothes for a certain proportion of the month.  For example, I have pledged to wear at least one item of handmade clothing a day for the month of May as well as having at least one handmade item on at least one of my kids each day.  You can read all about it and sign up by clicking the image below.

I also love this initiative because it gives us all pause for thought over the clothes we wear and ties in nicely with Fashion Revolution Day taking place NEXT WEEK on 24th April.  Sorry for repeating myself for those of you that already know, but Fashion Revolution Day is a wonderful opportunity for all us home sewists to stand together the help shape and change the future of the fashion industry on the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza textile factory collapse in Bangladesh.  I would love for you to take a moment to read about it and sign up to wear something handmade inside out (#insideout #handmadeinsideout) on the 24th and share on social media.  Over 120 people have taken the pledge so far!  You don’t want to miss out!!

Now for the juicy bit…

The Giveaway!!

To help get you ready for these two events and to kick-start your sewing mo-jo, I’m hosting a giveaway of Liesl & Co’s new Cappuccino Dress and Tunic Pattern!  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.

A while ago I wrote a Top 10 for Tuesday list of patterns similar to the Lisette Portfolio Dress (Simplicity 2245).  It’s this pattern that I used to sew the orange dress you see on my profile picture up there on the right.  Sadly this pattern has been discontinued but Liesl Gibson has updated and re-released the pattern as the Cappuccino Dress and Tunic under the Liesl & Co brand!!  Lucky for all us sewists!!  You can read all about the pattern here.

Liesl has kindly offered a copy of this PDF pattern to one lucky reader!  What a great way to kick off Selfish Sewing Week and Me-Made-May!

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me something fun!  The giveaway will be open until midnight on Monday 21st April (CET).  What fabric would you use for the Cappuccino dress?  How do you think the pattern compares to the original?  Do you have other specific plans for Selfish Sewing Week or Me-Made-May?  Have you signed up for Fashion Revolution Day??  I would LOVE to see some more names on the sign up!!  You don’t have to have a blog to participate.  To make it easy, all you have to do is click on the image below to take part:

Fashion Revolution Day. #insideout #handmadeinsideout

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone with the giveaway!
Laura x

Fashion Revolution Day: Handmade #insideout

I love to sew.  If you’re here then I presume you love to sew too.  But what if instead of being a creative outlet that enriches your life, it was more like a prison sentence – something you had to do day-in, day-out in cramped and often unsafe conditions?

Next month marks the one year anniversary of the tragic collapse of the textile complex Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh where over 1,000 people lost their lives while producing the cheap and accessible clothing that the Western world has come to expect.  I sat in horror seeing the images from this disaster and then felt a huge pang of guilt and disbelief when popular high-street brands, ones that I could identify in my own wardrobe, were implicated.  Those €5 t-shirts didn’t feel like such a bargain anymore.

Fashion Revolution – a global campaign to increase standards and awareness within the fashion industry – is hosting the first Fashion Revolution Day to mark this anniversary on 24th April 2014.  In order to help re-establish the relationships and transparency within the fashion industry people are encouraged to wear an item of clothing inside out and ask brands/retailers, ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’  The voicing of these questions, on a global scale, will raise awareness and encourage the fashion industry to continue the process of change.  In short – be curious, find out, do something about it.

Using Fashion Revolution’s theme of “Who Made Your Clothes?” as a starting point, Abby (Things for Boys), Celina (Petit a Petit and Family) and I want to get the online sewing community involved with this initiative by creating the first


of sewists wearing something handmade inside out.  The goal is for all of us to stand together for a united cause and help to show sewing (in all its forms) as an ethical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion and mass consumerism.  It’s one piece in a very large puzzle but by showcasing home sewn items we will help spread the word that in some cases the answer to ‘Who Made Your Clothes?’ can proudly be answered, “ME!”

How to get involved

  • Photograph yourself wearing something handmade inside out on 24th April 2014.  If you’re camera-shy feel free to photograph something on a hanger – or even get the kids involved…the message is still the same.
  • Share!  If you have a blog, blog about it!  If not, no problem – share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with hashtags #insideout and #handmadeinsideout.
  • Grab a button to show your support – just copy the code below the button on the sidebar and add it to your own blog.
  • Sign up!  Our efforts are stronger in numbers!  We already have over 50 people on board and, with your help, we call fill people’s blog readers, Instagram feeds, Twitter pages, and Facebook timelines with inside out clothing and encourage everyone to take notice and ask questions!  Just click on the image below to register.

Please consider taking part.  It’s important to start these conversations and what better way to do it than to show off some of those french seams, contrast facings, and beautifully installed zips!?  Since starting to read sewing blogs back in 2010 I’ve always been amazed at what a welcoming, informative, accessible, fun and all-around awesome community ours is – now’s our chance to stand with one strong united voice to help encourage positive change!