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The Pixie Dust Pea Coat – I flipped the Dear My Kids Pea Coat pattern!

Pea Coat Flip // Behind the Hedgerow

Oh boy am I excited to share today’s post!  Months ago I got involved with Emily and Ashley’s (from Frances Suzanne blog) Flip This Pattern series and today’s I’m sharing my interpretation of the Dear My Kids Trendy Unisex Pea Coat.  You can read the full post HERE.

The idea behind the series is pretty straightforward – you’re given a pattern and you have to flip, alter, change, or re-work it in any way you see fit.  You can make minor or major changes just as long as you use the original pattern as your starting point.  If you haven’t been following along it’s worth having a trawl back through some of the entries for different patterns – they’re full of inspiration.

This month the patterns was the Dear My Kids Trendy Unisex Pea Coat.  This is what the original pattern looks like.  I had such a great time changing and adapting this pattern to exactly what I wanted.  It reminded me of why I sew – to see something that has existed only in my mind turn into an actual, physical, touchable garment in front of my eyes!  It’s so immensely satisfying!

I would love for you to have a look at all the fun changes I made and details I added!  They’ll be four different versions of this pattern presented by four different bloggers this week so keep checking back on the Frances Suzanne site to see them all – there is some series talent in this group and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!  On Friday you can vote for your favourite.

Thanks for reading!

Laura x

A wild interpretation for the Take One Dress Series

Tinny Dress // Behind the HedgerowI am currently taking part in Victoria’s (As It Seams) fun and fresh sewing series Take One Dress.  The idea is that each month a sewing blogger sews a dress inspired by the previous month’s inspiration piece and then passes another inspiration piece to the next blogger.  It’s pretty addictive viewing!

Last month Tasha from Glitter and Wit set my challenge and today I’m sharing my interpretation of that challenge.  You can see all the photos and read all about it over at As It Seams.

Airelle Blouse – Factory Dress pattern remix

Airelle-Factory Remix // Behind the Hedgerow


What do you get when you cross Deer and Doe’s Airelle blouse with the Factory Dress from Merchant and Mills?!  Come on over to imagine gnats to find out!

I’m sharing my latest creation over there as part of Selfish Sewing Week.

You can see my dress and read some advice on how to cope when sewing projects don’t turn out exactly as you had hoped.

Airelle-Factory Remix // Behind the Hedgerow

Happy sewing,

Laura x

It’s Spring – time to get outside! {A Mailbox Surprise creation}

Bias-trimmed gardening apron // Behind the HedgerowToday I’m guest posting at Compagnie M. as part of the Mailbox Surprise Series.  This series has seen fabric parcels being sent to talented sewing bloggers all over the world to be used to make wonderful creations for the little people in our lives.

I sent Ana Sofia (S is for Sewing) this parcel back in December…

…which she then turned into this:

Pretty fun, right?  (And pretty cute – well, just plain pretty!).  Today it’s my turn to share the creation I made using fabric sent to me by Suz (Sewpony).

Bias-trimmed gardening apron // Behind the Hedgerow

I’ve enjoyed this whole project because:

  • The sun is out!!!!!  Can you see the light shining on the apron at the top!!  I haven’t seen the sun in months!
  • The photo shoot did NOT take place in front of my white brick wall!!  Shock, I know!  So, where did we venture?  Click over to Compagnie M. to find out!
  • The photo shoot required exactly ZERO bribes and no tears were shed.

You can read all the details and see many more photos over at Compagnie M.  I think every girl deserves an apron to get mucky in!

Bias-trimmed gardening apron // Behind the HedgerowThanks for reading!  I have something BIG to share on Monday so please stop by!

Laura x

Why do I sew?

Have you ever stopped to consider your true motivation for sewing?  I hadn’t…until now.  Today I’m sharing my thoughts on sewing motivation over on the Kid’s Clothes Week Blog.

These types of posts are great for soul-searching and taking the time to consider the bigger questions around why we do what we do – I must say, I’ve even surprised myself with some of the conclusions!  I’d love for you to have a read, see what you think, and then share your own journey and motivation for this wonderful, rewarding, time-consuming, sometimes-frustrating, always enjoyable thing called sewing!

Happy Thursday!

Laura x

How to style a garment for winter and summer – KCW guest post

Question:  What do this

and this

have in common?

Answer:  The same item of clothing can be worn in each.

Come and say hi over on the Kid’s Clothes Week blog and get some tips on styling your kid’s garments for summer and winter wear.

Happy weekend!  Anyone doing and fun sewing-related activities?!  If the stars align and I can manage to slip away from the family for a few hours, I will be off to Antwerp for a real life meet-up of fellow Belgian sewing bloggers!  Very exciting!!

Laura x

My plans for Kid’s Clothes Week Winter 2014…over at the KCW blog

Question:  What do black and white, Sherlock Holmes and sewing have in common?  

Answer:  They all feature in my plans for this season’s Kid’s Clothes Week.  

Come on over to the KCW blog to read all about it.

Happy belated new year to each of you!  I’ve missed you all and I’ve missed blogging.  I have, however, enjoyed a lovely break in Cheshire (time with the in-laws) and East Sussex (scouting out potential areas to move to in the UK…top of the list at the moment: Lewes and Rye).


Isn’t Sussex beautiful?! And yay for grandparents coming all the way from the States to help out with the kids!

I’m home now, the kids have gone back to school and I’m in my happy place – sewing, planning sewing, looking at fabric, photographing, and writing.  It feels good.

A few weeks ago Meg, from Kid’s Clothes Week and Elsie Marley fame, contacted me to ask if I’d like to guest post for the KCW blog around this season’s KCW.  Well, yeah!, of course I would!  But, seriously, I am humbled and honoured – KCW was one of the first online sewing events I was aware of and has filled me with inspiration and knowledge ever since.  To be a part of it is simply amazing.

In case you’re new to this whole community of online sewing, Kid’s Clothes Week is a seasonal sewing event hosted by Meg (Elsie Marley) and Dorie (Tumbling Blocks) where you endeavour to do some sewing-related activity (tracing, cutting, pinning, sewing, all count!) for your kids (or other people’s kids if you’re such a generous soul) for at least one hour a day.  It’s a sewing event, not a competition, and it’s a fantastic place to share what you’ve made, see what others are making, read pattern reviews, get inspiration, and simply enjoy looking at some beautifully made clothes.

You can create a profile on the KCW Community Site and share you photos in the Elsie Marley Flickr Group.  You can also follow the action on the KCW Facebook Page, Pinterest site, Twitter feed and on Instagram with #kidsclothesweek.   If you enjoy sewing but haven’t joined in, now’s your chance.  It really will motivate you to get some serious sewing done!  Mark your calendar:

27 January – 3 February 2014

Today I’m posting about my plans for KCW.  On 17th January I’ll talk about transitioning clothes from winter to summer and on 20th February I’ll discuss my motivation for sewing.  Plus, of course, I’ll be participating in KCW itself.  It’s gonna be a busy couple of months!  I’d love for you to pop over to KCW and see what you think!

Will you be participating in KCW this season?  What’s on your To Sew list?  Any fantastic fabrics to share?  Where do you find inspiration?

Thanks for reading,

Laura x

Some Belgian-inspired fun at Compagnie M.

Belgian style - detailWhat do you dress your daughter in when it’s too cool for a summer dress yet too warm for tights and jumpers?

For the answer, head on over to Compagnie M. to read all about it in my first ever guest post.  I hope you’re inspired to make something bright, fun and funky!  Why be subdued when you can be colourful!?

Happy Friday – keep smiling – and, most importantly – keep sewing!

Laura x